Don’t leave Budapest without trying these pastries

It’s no secret I’m a huge sweet tooth. More than that, actually: I’m a full blown sugar addict, the kind that gets headaches when I don’t eat something sugary in my day (I know, I know). Needless to say I went crazy with all the amazing Hungarian pastries the moment I moved to the city, some 6 years ago.

While I recommend you visiting Café Gerbeaud, The Sugar Shop and New York Café for fine pastries, and those three places would be enough to give anyone a sugar high, a visit to Budapest isn’t complete without trying the traditional Hungarian treats below, so make sure you try as many as you can.

Turo Rudi

Hungary’s favorite snack! It’s a bar of sweetened cottage cheese covered in chocolate. Some versions contain a jam filling too, but I find those way too sweet. My favorite is the one covered in dark chocolate.


Dobos torta

This is perhaps Hungary’s most famous pastry. It’s a sponge cake layered with chocolate and buttercream, and topped with hard caramel. If you’re undecided about what to eat at Gerbeaud, think no further and order this one, as you can’t get more Hungarian than this.


Somlói Galuska

How this dessert is not famous outside of Hungary is beyond me. It consists of three types of sponge cake (vanilla, chocolate and walnut), mixed with rum raisins and walnuts, and then covered in dark chocolate rum sauce. Not enough for you? They top everything up with whipped cream. My mouth is watering just remembering it!

somlo trifle2
Photo by Zsuza is in the kitchen. Follow her recipe!


Rétes is the Hungarian strudel, and I dare saying Hungarians do it better because look at how filled this beauty is! Apple, poppysead and cherry are the most common fillings.

Photo by

Sour cherry soup

Although this soup is sweet, Hungarians don’t consider it a dessert. They eat it before a meal, which seemed really strange to me at first, but hey, it’s delicious.