The author

My name is Marjorie Rodrigues, I’m 29 years old and I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but since 2012 I call the Netherlands home. I’m a graduated journalist from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and I have a master’s in gender studies from the Central European University, in Budapest, and Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Currently, I work as marketer for an international tour company and my job requires me to travel to Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen frequently. But I never miss an opportunity to travel for leisure, too!


About Not My Birthplace!

This website aims to share my fascination for other places, cultures, languages and habits. But as the name “Not my Birthplace!” suggests, this is not just about travel. Rather, it’s about being attracted to differences, getting out of our comfort zones and trying things we’ve never done before. After all, there’s no use in taking a plane to the other side of the world if you’re still gonna shop the same brands, eat the same food and hang out with the same people.

Here, you’ll find all the tricks and hacks I’ve learned after more than 6 years travelling around Europe — hopefully I’ll start exploring other continents soon, but Europe’s what we have for now. You’ll also find tips on how to learn new languages and musings about human behavior here, there, everywhere.


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…And if, after all of that, you still haven’t had enough of me, perhaps you’d like to watch me draw my life:

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